Restoring Our Womanhood

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Each month a new theme will be posted, with verses to encourage, with challenges to inspirire you both in your faith and in your craft. We hope that you will jump on board the journey of Restoring your Womanhood and that God will use these challanges to draw us closer to Him and also give us a purpose in our roles.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 6 - Rest and Reflection

We have a wonderful Daddy God who just loves us so much and He's patient and gracious. He doesn't pull out a whip and say "HEY GET UPTO DATE WITH THIS NOW!!". Psalm 23 has been on my mind all weekend and it's time we laid down beside still waters and had our soul's restored. Time to reflect and catch up a little.

Verse: Psalm 23

Prayer: Ask God to restore your soul and show you the areas in which you have made progress and where He's really proud of you.

Application: Listen for God's answer, journal and go back over the past weeks and see if your plan is on track or if you want to change it a bit. REFLECT.

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