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Monday, August 03, 2009

Week 4 - Way Out of the Muddle

Wow we've had 3 pretty big weeks. Praying for our calling, getting deeper in the word and identifying our temptation; really essential and positive changes to restoring our relationship with God and others. There is also a lot of other "goings on" that keep us from God and our calling. I know personally for me a clean house is one of those areas. I want to be able to minister to others and have an open home. I worry that people won't call in because of the state of my house or that I stop inviting people because I'm embarrassed. Once I went into a home that you couldn't walk through any of the rooms it was such a mess. It was pointed out to me that often the physical represents the spiritual that perhaps the clutter in the home represented the clutter and muddle in their spiritual life. Do you have things in your home that bring you down? It could be anything from a messy house, lack of routine, health issue etc, or holding onto something that could be let go. What is your Muddle? I want you to remember though that God did not send Jesus because we were perfect & it's not being perfect that gets us saved. The main purpose of this weeks challenge is to take these things to God, ask Him to help us get our struggles in order & His strength to guide us.

Verse - 2 Corinthians 12:9 My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness

Prayer - Ask God to help you prioritise your life and set a plan for getting things in order. To show you what things need improving and what things need letting go.

Application - Record in your journal areas that you want to improve and work out a plan to get out of the muddle. And take baby steps to get out of it. Only tackle one area each week or two weeks. It could be something practical like "get washing done Machine to Put away each day" do that for two weeks then apply another change. Also keep going on weeks 1, 2 & 3 praying for your calling to be clearly revealed and working out how you can get into God's word more and to keep identifying temptations that keep you from God's word and your calling.

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Nat said...

I love this week's challenge Sal, its just PERFECT for me right now, down to the week!! I finish work tomorrow and so I NEED to do this anyway to get my life in order, routines set etc... and then practicing them! Right now my life is a bit of a 'muddle' but one that I very much plan to get into order, and soon!
Might try to get a journal happening too...