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Each month a new theme will be posted, with verses to encourage, with challenges to inspirire you both in your faith and in your craft. We hope that you will jump on board the journey of Restoring your Womanhood and that God will use these challanges to draw us closer to Him and also give us a purpose in our roles.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well that's how I feel, about the poor old SoF blog. The poor thing has sadly been neglected by it's Mum & Dad.

After the retreat I ended up having a few medical issues to deal with. I'm pregnant and started bleeding, my 2 yr old's bone marrow stopped working & we spent a fair bit of our time after the retreat in and out of hospitals. Then December came and we went on our family holidays, glad to run away from all the "issues". And well the whole DT just needed a break really. 2008 went way to fast and I think everyone was just plain old "worn out".

Now January is here and while we were away we assessed why these things were happening and the only thing we could put it down to, was that we were under Spiritual Attack to keep us from looking for a new home. (check out the full story here) So January has had us looking for a new home & rebuilding the SoF forum which broke last year.

So We are keen to get the blog back happening and the challenges started again. We are planing some different things this year and hope to be in the swing of it soon. We'll start slowly though as a few of the SoF team have some big commitments happening for Jan/Feb.

So the blogs not forgotten we're just trying to rebuild and make it better just like the new forum and gallery :-)


Gayle Smith said...

I am really looking forward to the challenges running again...need some inspiration. Look forward to the new things that will take place this year. You are all doing a great job..thanks Mark, Sal and HQ

Sandy Bowes said...

Thanks for all the effort you have all put in during 2008.

I always enjoy the time off in Dec/Jan when all our normal commitments are in recess for Christmas. Enjoy the time off girls & recharge the batteries for the new year.

Anonymous said...

So glad all is looking on the up and up.

Thank you for all the work you do. You are all fab.

Waiting with antcipaition

Dual said...

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